Flash Drives Are Jam Packed With So Many Uses

Picture a pile of bulk flash drives. Enough to fill a grocery bag. Now enough to fill a large box. Now enough to fill a room. USB flash drives everywhere! Picture yourself diving into a mound of flash drives large enough to bury you. Kind of like jumping into a pile of crunchy dead leaves when you were a kid.

wholesale lots of corporate branded flash drivesBut seriously, what would you do with a pile of flash drives? What could you do? There are actually many uses for bulk flash drives, as clients of Bulk Flash Drives constantly testify. From schools to libraries, ad agencies to music groups, organizations of all sizes and types can find uses for USB drives. Just read about the assortment of Bulk Flash Drives' clients to get some idea of the wide range of people served.

A college can use flash drives to consolidate information for incoming freshmen. Each new student would get one that contains a complete class schedule, advice on adjusting to life in the dorms, a campus map, and links to school-related websites. Instead of receiving a confusing assortment of papers and not knowing where to look to find what he needs to know, each student can have one small handy flash drive that he can just plug into his computer to access what he needs to get started in school. Of course, Bulk Flash Drives could print the school’s logo on each drive.

wholesale university flash drivesSo a student graduates and gets a job with an ad agency. He wants to promote his skills in writing and designing ads but is having trouble getting himself known in a competitive market. But, in a brilliant flash of inspiration, he remembers the USB drives he received while in school and thinks they would definitely be an amazing tool to promote his advertising talent. He looks up Bulk Flash Drives' easy-to-use website and contacts them. They immediately help him develop a custom interface in which he can organize a collection of images of ads that he has designed. Now clients can easily browse through his work, see examples of what he has down, see lists of fees and packages, and obtain contact information all from a USB drive.

Let’s say this person also volunteers for a charity fundraising group. They wash cars, trim lawns, sell baked goods, clean houses, raising money for charity by helping people. They wish to promote their efforts to receive more donations from businesses in town. Once again, he recalls the value of USB drives. He contacts Bulk Flash Drives, and they help him develop drives containing charity information, financial records, donation forms, pictures of community events, and Internet links. The fundraising group can hand out flash drives to potential donors, who can then see all the group’s work by plugging a drive into a computer.

From school to work to volunteer efforts, Bulk Flash Drives can come alongside you and help you promote your work. Consider wholesale flash drives for your organization and know that you will reap the benefits.

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At Bulk Flash Drives, we're all about helping you make that custom flash drive project possible. While we don't guarantee the lowest prices around, we do guarantee total satisfaction, personal customer service and quality USB flash drives which will last. You'll find our wholesale pricing competitive, but what will make the biggest impression on you is that we're a family that takes customer service to the next level. It might just remind you of the days when you'd run down to the family store and just chat. So go ahead: try out Bulk Flash Drives today!

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Bulk Flash Drives offers a lifetime, no-questions-asked RapidReplacement™ warranty. If you experience any technical failures resulting from normal use, Bulk Flash Drives will replace your drive(s) with a drive of comparable value (based on original purchase price). Because Bulk Flash Drives uses premium quality NAND Flash memory in the production of all its personalized flash drive products, your custom flash drive project will enjoy a less than 1% drive failure rate.