Our 4 Most Popular Flash Drive Models for Schools

Just like educational institutions, school flash drives come in various levels of prestige. From our economy-priced models to our ivy-league types, all our products are high in quality. While all the USB drives at Bulk Flash Drives are high in quality, our collection is as diverse as your own student body. Some appear more scholarly, while others win the popularity contests, every single time.

The Curve Flash Drive

curve flash driveThe Curve flash drive, as you educated types would probably guess, displays a stylishly curved base and slightly curved cap. Sure to please the fashionistas in your classroom.

Made of hard plastic, this drive typically comes in white, black, red, blue, or gray; however, a rubberized finish and exact color matching are options, as well. Imprint size on both the front and the back is 28 by 9 mm. As part of our economically priced premium line, this fashion-savvy model is priced just right!

The ExactMatch Flash Drive

exact color match flash drives in wholesale ordersOur ExactMatch flash drive is perhaps even more aptly named than The Curve; included in the price is an exact color match to whatever you want, from your team mascot’s bill or your school founder’s favorite toupee—anything you can get to us, so we can build the drive to precisely match it.

Coming in 7 sizes, from 256 MB to 16 GB, this drive comes in hard plastic, with a rubberized finish available. Imprint size is the same on both the front and back: 36 by 10mm. Also part of our premium line, the ExactMatch gives the look you want without breaking your budget.

The Swivel Flash Drive

wholesale swivel USB flash drivesThe Swivel flash drive is, by far, our customers’ favorite drive. The Swivel does just what its name implies—it swivels around to uncap the drive, eliminating the oh-no-what-if-I-lose-my-cap stress. This drive is also slightly smaller than many of our other models, making it both convenient to carry on a keychain and purported to be “cute” by some miniature-loving coeds.

Made of durable plastic and tactfully covered in a thin coat of rubber, the body of the drive comes in blue, red, black, white, and silver. The top that gives this drive its name is made of aluminum. As part of our capless group of flash drives, this moderately priced drive offers the best of both worlds.

The Luxor Flash Drive

bulk quantities luxury flash driveThe Luxor flash drive exudes luxury and professionalism. With its sleek rectangular silhouette and jewelry-like attachment, this drive is in a class all its own. Add in custom etching or imprinting, and you’re sure to win the best-dressed-drive award at your school’s next black tie benefit.

Coming in the classic silver hue of aluminum, imprinting surfaces are 26 mm by 12mm. One of many earth-friendly, organic models, The Luxor is well worth its reasonable but higher-than-average price.

All these drives come with standard 1- to 3-color silk screen imprinting included, while 4-color silk screen or full-color processing is available as an add-on. These color-coordinated beauties come packaged in plastic sleeves or white paper boxes. They also come in 7 possible sizes, ranging from 256 MB to 16GB.

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The Bulk Flash Drives Promise

At Bulk Flash Drives, we're all about helping you make that custom flash drive project possible. While we don't guarantee the lowest prices around, we do guarantee total satisfaction, personal customer service and quality USB flash drives which will last. You'll find our wholesale pricing competitive, but what will make the biggest impression on you is that we're a family that takes customer service to the next level. It might just remind you of the days when you'd run down to the family store and just chat. So go ahead: try out Bulk Flash Drives today!

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Bulk Flash Drives offers a lifetime, no-questions-asked RapidReplacement™ warranty. If you experience any technical failures resulting from normal use, Bulk Flash Drives will replace your drive(s) with a drive of comparable value (based on original purchase price). Because Bulk Flash Drives uses premium quality NAND Flash memory in the production of all its personalized flash drive products, your custom flash drive project will enjoy a less than 1% drive failure rate.