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Since 2006, we at Bulk Flash Drives have been working hard to earn kudos from corporations, schools & non profits from all over the world with our unwavering commitment to red carpet customer treatment & guaranteed quality products.

We count it a privilege to be trusted by 25,000 established customers, including nearly all members of the Fortune 500 group.

Whether you're purchasing several hundred or tens of thousands of USB flash drives, we encourage you to include us in your quest for the right wholesale flash drive company. We know you'll be pleased with our commitment to quality components, impressive pricing, and customer satisfaction.

Contact the Bulk Flash Drives family today at (800) 371-1984 to request a prompt, no obligation quote for your company or school's wholesale flash drive project. Our headquarters is based in the famously friendly city of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

We think CF Gear has about the best customer service we've ever experienced!
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Wholesale USB Flash Drives

Customization Solutions for Wholesale Flash Drives

Based on your project needs & budget, the customization options are almost endless. If you don't see a personalization option listed below, please just ask us and we'll let you know if it's possible.

Color imprinting for USB drivesDrive Models: Most companies select from the dozens of standard sizes & shapes we offer, while others ask us to tailor craft their dream drive.

Logo Imprinting: From premium color imprinting to laser etching on wood, leather or metal drives, we'll ensure your brand and logo are proudly displayed.

Preload Solutions: Once you have the outside of the drive "looking good," it's time to load it up with a powerful preload solution. We've got three levels of preload options you can choose from: NoFrills™, PowerTie™, and Brilliant™. If you already have a preload dream, just send it our way and we'll let you know if we can make it happen.

High Speed Duplication: Already purchased your bulk USB drives? Need some files loaded to each one? Our high speed flash drive duplication equipment stays busy keeping your To Do list simplified. We can handle flash drive duplication projects consisting of merely a couple hundred drives to tens of thousands of drives.

The flash drives are perfect -- getting plenty of use :) Thanks for all your help!

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The Bulk Flash Drives Promise

At Bulk Flash Drives, we're all about helping you make that custom flash drive project possible. While we don't guarantee the lowest prices around, we do guarantee total satisfaction, personal customer service and quality USB flash drives which will last. You'll find our wholesale pricing competitive, but what will make the biggest impression on you is that we're a family that takes customer service to the next level. It might just remind you of the days when you'd run down to the family store and just chat. So go ahead: try out Bulk Flash Drives today!

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Bulk Flash Drives offers a lifetime, no-questions-asked RapidReplacementâ„¢ warranty. If you experience any technical failures resulting from normal use, Bulk Flash Drives will replace your drive(s) with a drive of comparable value (based on original purchase price). Because Bulk Flash Drives uses premium quality NAND Flash memory in the production of all its personalized flash drive products, your custom flash drive project will enjoy a less than 1% drive failure rate.